Dance Schedule



Monday, Vancouver
West Coast Swing Additional Basics and Beyond the Basics with new techniques to add flow to your WCS; level is Beginner 2. (50+ group)
Adding new techniques and playful elements that will change your dance with new spark and style! Learn about musicality! West Coast Swing is danced to all types of music from R&B, blues, pop, rock, contemporary, jazz …! Knowledge and understanding of the first 6 basics is required. Dance shoes should be low heels; No runners or street shoes allowed on the studio floor. The studio is cozy; class size limited to certain number of partnered dancers-couples. Registrations are required in advance to secure your spot in the class and to prevent wasting valuable time during our classes.
Options to pay: E-Transfer: (starting the week of September 2, or mail cheques to: Dance Town PO Box #357 916 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1K7, or arrange to meet before September 18, so, grab a partner and let’s dance!
Mondays, September 24 to November 19
9 pm – 10 pm; 8 wks, $135. (incl all fees).
No class Thanksgiving weekend, October 8.

Monday Location:  Scottish Cultural Center 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver


It’s fun, it’s amazing with what we can do with rhythm!
Cha Cha – Spicing It Up!  Musicality! Playing with the Rhythm!
Dazzle em with amazing rhythm changes in this playful rhythm! Take your dance skill to a higher level through solo work! No partner required! Open to dancers who wish to develop a stronger understanding of rhythm, timing and adapt unique play steps along with individual styling options. This class will be offered again; to register, please submit your name and contact information for the next available session.
Scottish Cultural Center 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver


Fall sessions run September – December, 2018

Line dancing is an excellent way to learn musicality, timing, improve balance, co-ordination and enhance your memory. Learn a variety of choreographed tunes in Mambo/Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Country, Waltz and Foxtrot rhythms. Repetition each week will help you grow with the techniques and choreography and improve your musicality in all dances!

Maggie teaches Line Dance and Ballroom classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Register for these classes online at or contact the centers directly, numbers listed below.
Confederation Center – Tuesdays: call 604-294-1936 or 604-297-3810
Location: Confederation Center 4585 Albert Street, Burnaby.
LINE Dance Beginner 2, knowledge of the basic calls and technique
LINE Dance Intermediate, experienced dancers
LINE Dance Beginner 1, learn basic calls and technique for line dancing

Ballroom Dance Spring sessions, check out the Burnaby Leisure Guide for
Confederation Center, Bonsor Recreation Complex and Edmonds Community Center!

Bonsor Recreation Center – Wednesdays & Fridays, call: 604-297-4580
Wednesday Spring sessions  September – December.

LINE Dance Beginner 2, 9:20 am – 10:20 am
LINE Dance Intermediate, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
LINE Dance Intermediate-Adv, 10:15am – 11:15am
Ballroom Fridays, 11:30 am – 1 pm
Location: Bonsor Recreation Center, 6550 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby

Edmonds Community Center   call: 604-297-4838
Tuesdays Ballroom and Wednesdays LINE Dance Beginner and Beginner 2
Location: Edmonds Community Center, 7433 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, Burnaby


Private lessons are a terrific benefit to any dancer who wishes to learn or improve their dance skill; the best results are evident than with once a week group classes where instruction is towards the level of the class.
Individual practice is an important part in the development of a students ability to move forward and become a good leader/follower in all dances.
If you would like to join our us, have any related questions, or require more information, feel free to contact Maggie through our “contact us” page.

Plan to sign up for several classes as this is where one gains the most benefit; learn the different rhythms and styles then let us begin!
Check out our “Dances” page for our Friday Evening Dance with a beginner+, to Intermediate level dance Lesson.

Dance shoes are recommended for all classes and dances.
Contact Maggie if you need for information on dance footwear for your classes.
Couples have the option to rotate partners in the classes; singles will be asked to rotate, partners can not guaranteed although we do our very best to balance the classes.

Registration payment options: Cash or Cheque or online E-Transfer
Mail Cheques to:
Dance Town,
PO Box #357,
916 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC,
Canada  V5Z-1K7


Partner Dancing
At times we have more followers than leads; we try our best to balance the lead follow ratio; partners are not guaranteed. We rotate partners for the best learning opportunity although, there is no obligation for couples to rotate. Ladies, you might want to consider learning to lead, this is truly a benefit as you will ALWAYS be able to dance!

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