1. Refunds are granted BEFORE the first class.
  2. Courses are offered as a package rate. It is the responsibility of the student to attend their paid classes.
  3. If you are unable to attend all classes, payment on a drop in basis can be arranged at a slightly higher cost.
  4. Dance shoes are required for Intermediate to Advanced level dancers.
  5. Please turn cell phones off or wear on “vibrate” during class time.
  6. Please arrive 5 minutes early to your class.
  7. Dance Town reserves the right to make changes where necessary.


  1. Good manners should prevail in any social situation.
  2. When asked to dance please be considerate of people’s feelings. Being turned down when asked to dance can undermine the dancers confidence. Please be courteous and tactful with a reason and make an effort to seek that person out later for a dance.
  3. It is unacceptable behavior to instruct or criticize the partner or any part of the dance.
  4. Men: A dance should start out with the basics and progress only at the rate that she is comfortable in following. If the lady attempts something other than what was lead, smile and take credit for the pattern. No matter what, be a gentleman.
  5. Ladies: It is not always easy for a gentleman to muster the courage and ask some ladies to dance. When asked to dance, accept with grace and delight or if you prefer to sit out for this song, suggest the next one instead. It is poor etiquette to refuse a dance then get up with someone else. Imagine how you might feel if you were the one asking someone to dance!  If you promised to someone else, say so.
    Make those few dance moments memorable. It takes courage to ask someone to dance. It is perfectly acceptable for ladies to ask men to dance; why not try it if it is acceptable within your dance circle.


West Coast Swing Videos & DVDs
Championship Swing dancer Mary Ann Nunez has developed a wonderful line of West Coast Swing instructional videos and DVDs. If you are interested, please contact Maggie for more info, visit Mary Ann’s website:

Dance Shoes & Supplies
Avalon Dance Shop (Renata) – 4532 Main St, Vancouver 604-874-2461

Health Experts for Dancers
Lee Chiropractic Care (Anne) 604-435-2283



Vancouver Tap Dance Society
2775 East Hastings, BC 604-253-0293.

Ray Johnson Dance: 604-836-7295,,
Check out Rays website for lots of Dance News! Dance location: MRSS 12150, 224th Street, Maple Ridge. $20 pp, lesson 7-8 pm, Dance 8-11pm
Byron Starr Dance For Fun. Wednesdays. Contact Byron at 604-726-0153
BC Swing Dance Club  2nd Saturday of the month. 4585 Albert Street, Burnaby.
Danzkool The DanzKool Company – We get entire classrooms dancing. Over 35 schools to date. Grs 5 to 12. Founder & Head Teacher: Tim Mah, former-champion, Ballroom, Latin Am’, 10-Dance. Email:   Website:   Facebook: /DanzKool