Swing, Latin, Ballroom
Vancouver’s “Queen of West Coast Swing”

Dance and teaching experience extend over 35 years in both International and Social styles: Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Night Club dances.  Training began with Jazz, Ballet and Tap. She has worked with many well known instructors throughout the USA and Canada.


In competition, Maggie and partners, ranged between 1st and 3rd place both in Canada and the US.
Maggie’s love of dance is Choreography. She has always been inspired by theatre arts, music and dance. Maggie coaches social dancers to develop and achieve a skilled level for any social dance occasion. She has captivated and energized small and large group classes ranging up to 1500 participants at once. Maggie’s excellent teaching skills include simplifying rhythms and patterns into their smallest or increment form for easy learning, holding a lot of patience and respect with her students while creating a fun, humorous and comfortable learning environment.

Maggie taught at the University of British Columbia as for the Social Dance Program the Instructor for 5 years. She has choreographed the following: Teams for Swing and Latin dances, novelty groups such as the BC Golden Spike Can Can group and the Hot Jazzers Charleston group, The Miss Vancouver Beauty Pagent, 2 years running. Judges assistance for Surrey Arts Festival, Jazz, Tap and Stage divisions (2 years).

Maggie was appointed the first Canadian Judge for the prestigious US Open National Swing Dance Championships, in LA; She was hired as choreographer and partner to Ted Danson, for the movie “Cousins” and Val Kilmer in the Movie “Wings of Courage” as well as an accepted dance part in both movies. Judge and Instructor for the Vancouver Salsa Congress 2004. Maggie is known as Vancouvers “Queen of West Coast Swing” by many but Professionals and radio, newspaper personalities say her talents extend far beyond the boundary of swing dancing.

Maggie hosts “Dance Rhythms Vancouver” held the first and third Friday of the month, some exceptions during the Summer/Christmas seasons. The Dances began, 1994 under the name “The Vancouver Swing Dance Club” and honored two gentleman: Mr Matt Gracie, and the King of Swing, Mr Buddy Schwimmer (Father to Benji Schwimmer winner “So You Think You Can Dance” 2006). The evenings starts with a fun basic-intermediate-advanced lesson followed by three hours of Dancing. Students get the opportunity to practice Swing, Latin, some Ballroom and Country dancing. Maggie’s dances are considered the “Best in the City” for versatility and fun!